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Now that a survey shows majority of seniors support medical marijuana, doctors and others who work with seniors must mobilize to ensure they get the best care.

The University of Michigan (UM) reports that a new survey shows majority of seniors support medical marijuana. The university released findings from its National Poll on Healthy Aging on Tuesday. AARP and Michigan Medicine, the academic medical center at UM, sponsored the study. The poll surveyed a representative sample of 2,007 Americans aged 50-80.

The Poll

Dr. Preeti Malani of the University of Michigan specializes in treating seniors and was the director of the poll. She said that while not many older Americans have used cannabis medicinally, they are open to the idea.

“While just six percent of our poll respondents said they’d used marijuana for medical purposes themselves, 18 percent said they know someone who has,” Dr. Malani said.

“With medical marijuana already legal in 29 states


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