How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

medical marijuana card

To get your medical marijuana card in Florida, you must first obtain a formal diagnosis of a Qualifying condition from a “Qualified Ordering Physician”, which ALL Florida Healthy Partners physicians are qualified ordering physicians.

medical marijuana card

Schedule an in-person examination with a Healthy Partners Medical Marijuana Doctor. If you have already received a diagnosis of qualifying condition, then you should fax or bring your records with you to your appointment. If you have not yet received a diagnosis for your condition, then a Healthy Partners Qualified Ordering Physician should be able to determine whether you would benefit from medical marijuana during your in-person examination. Diagnosing certain conditions may require additional testing.

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To get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card, your Healthy Partners qualified ordering physicians will enter your information into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Once your information is entered into the registry, you can then apply for your Florida medical marijuana Registry Identification Card. For step-by-step instructions on applying for your card, please visit this link. The State of Florida is required to process all applications within 30 days of receipt. Please factor in 3-5 additional days if you choose to mail your application.

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Once you have your medical marijuana Registry Identification Card, you can then order your medical marijuana medication from a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. You must reapply for your registry card each year, 45 Days before the expiration of your card.