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Why work with Healthy Partners?

Higher Income

Healthy Partners Network Physicians earn more and work less.

Earn more money

Healthy Partners Network physicians can generate more revenue in less time, as compared to servicing their existing patients.

  • HP Physicians work an average of 12 hours per week:
    •  Average Revenue per hour: $492
    • Average Cost per hour: $182
    • Gross Profit per hour: $290, or potential +$13,900 additional income in 48 hours
  • Services paid for with cash or major credit card. No insurance repricing, and no insurance billing or coding required.

New Patients

Healthy Partners averages +190 NEW patients per location, per MONTH.

Grow your MM practice

The Healthy Partners ecosystem is a marketing juggernaut. HP Network physicians benefit substantially from our marketing and advertising efforts through new patient generation and retention.

The Healthy Partners Infrastructure:

  • 24/7 appointment scheduling – Convenience
  • Online & live operator call center – Simplicity
  • 100% HIPPA compliant – Security
  • Convenience + Simplicity + Security = More Patients

Lower Costs

Healthy Partners offers significant cost saving in marketing, patient acquisition, and staffing.

Spend less

The average medical practice can spend $200-$1,000 in marketing to acquire each new patient. By contrast, Physicians within the Healthy Partners Network spend between $17-$67 per new patient.  That’s a savings of $183-$933 per patient.

New Healthy Partners locations typically operate with only ONE physician and ONE receptionist – further cost savings.

Q: How many times would you have to see a patient to recoup the difference in cost?

A: A lot.

Brand Protection

Medical Marijuana remains a taboo topic throughout the United States. Healthy Partners buffers Physician brand exposure through two entities, Healthy Partners and its wholly owned subsidiary Cannabis Consultants.

Cannabis Consultants (www.Cannabisgr.com) serves as the public facing conduit to attract Medical Marijuana patients. Healthy Partners US (www.HealthyPartnersUS.com) is free of any Medical Marijuana related jargon and acts as the listing site for Physician locations within the Healthy Partners network. These buffers allow Healthy Partners Network Physicians to service medical marijuana patients without fear of brand and reputation devaluation through association with the medical marijuana industry.


Your market, your patient

Healthy Partners is highly selective when it comes to Physician acceptance into the Healthy Partners network. Not only does our selection criteria include Physician reputation and accreditation requirements, but we consider geographic location of each Physician in our network, as well. By selecting only ONE* (1) Physician within any 30 mile radius, Healthy Partners can assure each Physician within our network 100% of all Healthy Partners’ traffic generated within their local market.

The not so fine print: Some geographic markets may have above average population density. Some markets may have greater demand than any single physician could reasonably handle. In such cases, HP may allow more than one physician in a given territory. Nevertheless, we make money because you make money. So we are quite careful when it comes to market saturation.

How It Works


Once you have joined the Healthy Partners Network, the fun begins! We set you up with your own dedicated calendar and patient-scheduling portal, through which patients can schedule appointments at their leisure.


You tell us what days and times you are available to service HPN Patients, and we setup your calendar and patient-scheduling portal based on your availability.


We begin targeted marketing of HPN services in your market and begin driving web traffic to your dedicated scheduling portal. Additionally, we dedicate live call center reps to field patient scheduling calls 24/7.


You do what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest!

We Invest In You

Healthy Partners generates its revenue through providing strategic marketing and scheduling services for forward-thinking physicians. The beauty in the Healthy Partners Network model is that, as an HPN physician, you can expect:

  • No upfront costs
  • No out of pocket expenses
  • No hidden fees

In fact, Healthy Partners invests in you! Once you join the Healthy Partners Network, Healthy Partners begins allocating its own capital and resources to drive new patient traffic to your door.


You remain in the driver’s seat

Or just relax and enjoy the ride – its up to you!

You dictate your availability; we fill your schedule accordingly.

If you so desire, you and your staff will have full control over your dedicated calendar and patient scheduling portal, allowing you to change advance availability, cancel, reschedule, track appointments, and even communicate directly with patients through email and text message. Better yet, Healthy Partners can manage all of this for you at no additional cost!


HIPAA Compliant

Healthy Partners employs numerous tools that coalesce to form the Healthy Partners Network infrastructure. Each of these tools is designed to help maintain your practice’s compliance with the ever-evolving landscapes of HIPAA Privacy and Health Information Management.


Transparency at every step

The scheduling tool(s) employed by HPN provide you with real-time and precise information that you and your staff can access anytime, from anywhere. You have the ability to generate detailed scheduling reports that make identifying cancellation and no-show rates and earned revenue quick and easy.

Your dedicated calendar can be synced with popular calendars, such as MS Outlook, Office 365, Google Calendar, and iCal. Built-in 2-way calendar synchronization gives you the ability to auto-sync your EHR and other calendars that have similar sync features.



Revenue Potential



Existing HPN patient seeking follow-up or renewal appointment only.

Duration = 10 minutes.

Level 1


NEW HPN patient seeking physician recommendation. Has prior diagnosis.

Duration = 15 minutes.

Level 2


NEW HPN patient seeking diagnosis for qualifying condition. No prior diagnosis.

Duration = 20 minutes.


$450 /hour


$900 /hour


$396 /hour


$792 /hour


$447 /hour


$894 /hour

You only pay for time scheduled.

Tier 1

$200 per scheduled hour
  • 0 to 19 hrs scheduled/week

  • 0 to 9.5 hours actual time

  • Can be from 1 or multiple providers

  • Must be same office/location

  • Hours reset 1st of each month

Tier 2

$175 per scheduled hour
  • 20 to 39 hrs scheduled/week

  • 10 to 17.5 hours actual time

  • Can be from 1 or multiple providers

  • Must be same office/location

  • Hours reset 1st of each month

Tier 3

$150 per scheduled hour
  • 40 to unlimited hrs scheduled/week

  • 20 to ∞ hours actual time

  • Can be from 1 or multiple providers

  • Must be same office/location

  • Hours reset 1st of each month

Actual Results

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Physician FAQ

  • Is this a traditional health group network?

    No!  Healthy Partners is merely a Strategic Marketing and Scheduling company that specializes in attracting medical marijuana patients.

    Everything you love about being a private practice physician will remain in tact.  Your practice name, location, and operations will remain unchanged.  The only differences being that your practice will see more patients, generate greater revenue, and your staff will NOT have to deal with insurance bureaucracy & red tape.

  • Am I writing a prescription for Medical Marijuana?

    No.  The State requires that a patient must have a “qualifying condition”, and that a duly licensed physician (MD or DO) certify that the patient has a qualifying condition.  To make this certification, the physician must fill out the State provided form, as necessary, following an in-person examination of the patient.

  • What if I do not find that the patient has a qualifying condition?

    You have zero obligation to certify any patient.  If a patient does not have a qualifying condition, then simply do not fill out the State form.

  • If a patient asks me where they can obtain medical marijuana, what should I tell them?

    As a matter of policy, HPN does not refer patients to dispensaries or caregivers.  Each state that has adopted medical marijuana legislation has included provisions that allow a patient to obtain medical marijuana in a legal manner.  It is up to the patient to determine how s/he can do so in accordance with applicable law.

  • Where has Healthy Partners Network been all my life?

    We apologize for being late, but we are here now and we are ready to make it up to you!

    Let’s start having fun for a change, shall we?

  • Not sure about the benefits of Medical Marijuana?

    A simple Google search will provide volumes of credible, and less credible, research on the therapeutic and palliative properties of Medical Marijuana.  Both founders of Healthy Partners have lost friends as a result of opioid abuse and dependency.  75% of our customers suffer from severe and chronic pain.  Leading researchers have found an inverse relationship between the use of Medical Marijuana to treat severe and chronic pain, and the use and abuse of opioid painkillers.  And it looks as though the US Federal Government is finally catching on, click here.

Want to learn more?

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