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On the label of a recently released pale ale, New Belgium Brewing Co. proclaims “Hops and hemp reign — together at last.”

The Fort Collins, Colo.-based craft brewery bills the beer, dubbed “The Hemperor, as “a new kind of hoppy beer blending hemp with hops for complete sensory domination.”

Although New Belgium is based in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, the company went through a series of federal approvals before making and selling the beer, which is now available across the country, including in Michigan. Its development was reportedly three years in the making.

Beneath this broader trend of craft breweries infusing cannabis-related products like hemp and oils into beer, some brewers are learning of complicated regulations as they go.

Several Michigan brewers have experimented with hemp-infused beers, but the trend is yet to truly take off here compared to states like California and Colorado, observers say. That could


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