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When it comes to cannabis, the Internet is on its own trip. Buzzed, euphoric and energetic. Cannabis news is everywhere and advocates, enemies, and the curious can’t get enough.

The plant’s Internet fame has dusted enthusiasts with odd news, like the New England trio charged with animal cruelty after blowing marijuana smoke in a goat’s face. Theories, like the fabled wheat and corn farmer who began growing cannabis in wheelbarrows he’s said to have rotated across his fields, inadvertently creating crop circles. And even some misconceptions, like the simplistic idea that “stoners are dangerous” (a phrase never spoken on Forensic Files).

Fun and casual reading aside, learning about cannabis keeps getting easier, and easier for those seeking a deeper understanding of the properties, policies, politics, and profits of the plant. From chemistry to culinary, these are some schools, programs, and resources offering education, research, and experience to eager students.

Northern Michigan University (NMU)

NMU (Marquette, MI) offers a degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry acknowledging, “There is


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