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College campuses can and should play a major role in preparing the next generation of leaders for the marijuana industry.

Dropbox, Facebook, and Microsoft. These are well-known companies with enough capital to power economies, and yet all were invented by students in a dorm room. Mark Zuckerberg created a $500 billion-dollar company that revolutionized how the world engaged with itself (for better or worse), all while in school.

In the wake of the Parkland shootings, there has been reinvigoration among American youth, who are engaging in dedicated activism to bring real change to our society. In all of history’s most consequential movements and paradigm shifts, young people have contributed their active spirit to spark innovation.

This should be no different in the social revolution of cannabis legalization, especially when college campuses are vital hubs for education and research. When we think about empowering the next generation of cannabis activists and industry


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