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Legalization could be coming to even more states.

In just a few short years, marijuana went from being a taboo recreational drug you “didn’t inhale” at college parties to a legalized resource touted for its ability to improve health and bolster the economy. Highly-publicized marijuana legalization efforts in states like Washington, Colorado, and California have helped forge (often through trial and error) a pathway to legalization that could impact everything from employment to incarceration in the U.S.

Though marijuana is only fully legal in nine states as of September 2018 (31 states allow for medical marijuana, to varying degrees of access), each new election brings with it the promise of expanding marijuana legalization until it can be adopted federally.

And the 2018 midterms are no exception, with seven measures on various state ballots—Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah—provide the opportunity to expand legal weed’s reach throughout the nation. One of those, Oklahoma’s State Question 788, was


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