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It’s late afternoon on board the Buds & Beers party bus, where black shades cover the windows, neon lights spiral and pot smoke swirls. Taylor Butterfield, 24, of Arlington, Texas, spies the time.

“It’s four-twenty, boys!” Butterfield crows as he tears into a bag holding the pot he just bought at The Green Solutions retail shop. “Four-twenty” is code in pot culture for a time of day or a day — April 20 — to use weed.

Butterfield’s ready to pack a pipe in honor of the hour, but really the guys have been puffing ever since they got on the bus about 2 p.m. The bus is filled with nearly 20 twenty-somethings come to party from Texas and Louisiana, even a guy from Brazil by way of North Dakota. Some of them are part of a bachelor’s party.

Butterfield’s group did touristy things in the region, visiting Garden of


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