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Jevin Weyenberg, owner of Lake Effect marijuana dispensary in Portage, sat in the upstairs boardroom of the business, where maps of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and other places color-coded with zoning regulations were being hung on the wall. 

The medical marijuana company is planning to expand in Kalamazoo and considering some additional locations while facing uncertainty as the state threatens to shut its dispensary down. 

The city of Kalamazoo approved a Class B Grower/Processor license for Lake Effect at 2927 Millcork Street, near other industrial businesses, where he and his associates plan to grow up to 1,000 plants in a 35,000 square-foot facility. Weyenberg estimates the grow will employ at least 100 people once it is running at full capacity. 

Lake Effect has also been approved by the city of Kalamazoo for a processing center at 3635 E. Kilgore Road, in a building not far from the airport, near other industrial enterprises, and


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