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Recreational marijuana officially became legal in Michigan today. And to celebrate the occasion, staffers from a Michigan newspaper gave away free joints to lucky passersby.

City Pulse Gives Away Free Weed

Today, members of the Lansing City Pulse gave away free joints. They stood outside Lansing City Hall, which is conveniently located across from the Michigan state Capitol. The giveaway was part of a celebration in honor of Michigan’s legalization of recreational cannabis.

According to local news sources, the journalists started out with around an ounce of weed that was rolled up into a number of joints.

Journalists from the paper gave the free joints to people when they walked past. Of course, City Pulse staffers checked for IDs first. If the person was 21 or older, they were offered a free joint.

Within just a few hours, City Pulse journalists were completely out of weed. They reportedly gave joints


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