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The state medical marijuana board has deadlocked on the first two applications for licenses.

The issue was how to deal with old criminal convictions.  

One applicant thought his marijuana conviction had been expunged from the record.  In another case, the applicant had a 20-year-old misdemeanor. 

Michael Densmore says it’s all a misunderstanding.  

“I’ve had a gun permit continuously since 1999.  I’ve got a liquor license, a lottery license.  I’m a law-abiding citizen,” he said.  “I had no idea there was anything out there like this.  So, we’ll address it and take care of it.”

Tim McGraw said he didn’t think he had to disclose the marijuana possession conviction, because it was supposed to be erased from his record after he completed a probation program.

Board chair Rick Johnson says members are still figuring out how to handle their responsibilities.

“I’m telling you, it’s not an easy process to go through and sort


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