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Cannabis advocates expected legalization to happen this fall.

A new survey suggests that Michigan voters may be more divided on the issue of legalization than previous polls have shown. The results of a survey, conducted by pollsters at Target-Insyght, which questioned 800 voters statewide, found that 47 percent would vote against the ballot measure to legalize while 44 percent would vote in favor.

The initiative, which voters will see on the ballot in November, would allow residents to possess up to 2.5 ounces or 15 grams of concentrates.

“The results are not surprising,” read a statement from Scott Greene, the president of Healthy and Productive Michigan, an anti-legalization group that has been pushing the new poll. Greene suggests that Michigan would become the national pot capitol and that cartel members could end up moving into local neighborhoods and promoting heavier drug use.

The results fall within the margin


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