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There is a lot of confusion right now regarding the legal aspects of marijuana. Let’s take a look at what is actually going on. To tell you the truth, for some things nobody knows what’s up. That’s just the way it is right now.

For example, Andrew Brisbo, director of the state Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, spoke about the deadline for medical marijuana facilities that lack state licenses to close. The Oct. 31 date was blocked by Court of Claims Judge Stephen Borello. At this point the state can’t move on enforcing closures through the end of the year and no new date has been set. Nobody knows what happens after that.

“We’re going to rely on the Court of Claims to establish that,” Brisbo said at the Michigan Cannabis Business Development 2019 Conference in Lansing on Sunday.

Here is something we are sure about. Thursday, Dec. 6 is


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