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The history of marijuana decriminalization in Michigan is combative. As a Rust Belt state, we’re not the most progressive hood around, but we take what we got and make the best of it. Michigan voters first agreed to a medicinal marijuana ballot proposal in 2008. What a great November that was. Seriously.

A glimmer of hope for medical and recreational users alike, it was soon met with resistance; including Michigan’s Supreme Court. After wacky Republicans considered legalizing recreational use without a vote, banking on the premise that liberal voters wouldn’t have as much incentive to hit the polls in November, the measure will ultimately appear on the ballot after all.

Since 2014, Detroit’s number of dispensaries has dropped from 250 to 60. It can be hard to keep track of which ones are operating or aren’t. Some close temporarily; others permanently. Here’s a list of our favorite places in the city that we can


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