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If you think Colorado has become the wild west for weed, don’t tell the people who live there.

Six years since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, we traveled there to find out what’s changed. Most of the people we talked to said: not much.

“It’s very well controlled,” one Denver resident told us. “I think most people will be surprised at who goes in and purchases recreational marijuana. A lot of people in my (older) generation.”

Perhaps the best news of all, say marijuana proponents, is that there are fewer people going to jail or prison for low-level drug crimes. The number of marijuana-related arrests have plummeted since legalization.

“Instead of putting people in jail, we’re saying look, go home, use this as you will,” said Bruce Nassau, owner of Lit Cannabis in Denver. “We’ll leave you alone. You’re not creating problems.”

While there are fewer people being


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