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The state has offered newly licensed medical marijuana businesses a slight reprieve by allowing them a 30-day window in which to test products already onsite.

Once the state’s medical marijuana industry is fully in place, medical marijuana will be tested at least once after it’s grown and once after processing, said Licensing and Regulatory Affairs spokesman David Harns.

But as the industry becomes licensed, man businesses operating temporarily with local authorization will have untested medical marijuana on hand when they receive licenses.

The state will allow those business a month to test, label and record their product with the state, Harns said. After the 30-day window, any remaining untested medical marijuana must be removed from the facility.

Last week, the state’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board granted its first seven operating licenses to medical marijuana businesses, including a provisioning center in Ann Arbor. The state has yet to issue a license to a testing

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