Medical Marijuana Card Online: Faster Application Processing Through “Accela”

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online Faster Through “Accela”

The State of Michigan has launched “Accela”, Michigan’s medical marijuana card online application portal. If you are a new or renewal Healthy Partners patient and do not have a caregiver, you can submit your application for your Michigan medical marijuana card online. Submitting your application through Accela can significantly reduce the amount of time required to process your application. This means that you’ll receive your card in faster!

What You Can Do in Accela

In addition to faster processing times when submitting your medical marijuana card online, you can also do the following through Accela:

  • Apply for Patient-Only Registry Card online (patient without caregiver)
  • Link to your Existing Record (important for those who already have an Accela account for other reasons)
  • Renew Patient Only Registry Card (patient without caregiver)
  • Request Replacement Card
  • Name and/or Address Change
  • Remove Caregiver
  • Withdraw from MMMP
Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, LARA

The Accela portal is managed by the State of Michigan. If you have questions about Accela or how to use Accela, please contact the State of Michigan at (517) 284-6400, or [email protected].

What You Need to Do

To get started, you must first create an account in Accela. To do so, click here and follow the instructions. Although the instructions for creating your account in Accela appear lengthy, the process should take only a couple of minutes to complete. You will still need to have an in-person examination with a Healthy Partners doctor. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here. Once your account in Accela is created and you have had your appointment with your Healthy Partners doctor, you can submit your application online. Submitting your application online is actually quite simple. Just follow these brief instructions. Again, please contact the State of Michigan at 517-284-6400, or [email protected] with any application related questions.

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