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Healthy Partners is West Michigan’s #1 medical marijuana doctor and medical marijuana card service provider.  We have helped over 12,000 patients obtain their medical marijuana card since 2010.  Healthy Partners medical marijuana doctors are knowledgeable, professional, and qualified to provide medical marijuana certifications. Most of all, what makes Healthy Partners truly stand out is our commitment to patient health and wellness.


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Medical Marijuana Doctor Services

In-Person Evaluations


Renew your MMMP card
$ 60
  • For patients who:
  • Already have an MMMP Patient Card
  • Card is valid or less than 6 months expired

With Records

Provide medical records
$ 80
  • For patients who:
  • Have a Qualifying Condition
  • Bring medical records to their appointment

Without Records

No medical records
$ 100
  • For patients who:
  • Have a Qualifying Condition
  • Do not have access to their Medical Records

Virtual & Telemedicine

Telemedicine Renewal

Renew your MMMP card
$ 75
  • For patients who
  • Already have an MMMP card
  • Card is valid or less than 6 months expired
  • Want their card same day

Telemedicine First Time

Get your MMMP card
$ 105
  • For patients who
  • Have a qualifying condition
  • Provide medical records before appointment
  • Want their card same day

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We have provided medical marijuana doctor services in West Michigan since 2010.

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We provide you with accurate information so that you stay informed and safe.

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With Healthy Partners, you can receive your medical marijuana card faster than anywhere else.

Unparalleled expertise

When it comes to being a medical marijuana patient, you cannot ask for a better medical marijuana doctor.

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